Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I Hate Winter

Winter is well and truly on us now. The weather can be terrible and the daylight hours are short. I decided a couple of weeks ago to stop commuting on my bike and take the train.

Just these two last weeks have reminded me just how much I love cycling and how much I hate the train. Here's a comparison of the two modes of transport;

Method Door to door time Cost Benefits Drawbacks
Train 45 mins* £4.00 Unreliable
Bicycle 25 mins** Free Fitness/Health, reliable Unpleasant in harsh weather

* 15 min walk to station, 5 min wait for train, 15 min train journey, 10 min walk to office
** 7 miles
The benefits of cycling are highlighted every morning when I buy my train ticket and I think what else I could have spend my £4 on. Also, trains regularly get cancelled or delayed. This probably happens about once a week. It really makes my heart sink when I turn up at the station and I realise I'm not going to be home for hours, when if I had my bike I could be home in 30 minutes.

Roll on Spring when the weather and daylight become more favourable.

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